ACNA SSA Controversy

The ACNA is in a considerable controversy over identity and sexuality, which has now become an international issue. At issue is a statement by the College of Bishops, which was contradicted later by Bishop Todd Hunter in a pastoral guidance letter to the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others. Not long after that an ACNA aspirant to Holy Orders, with the signatory support of major figures at Trinity School for Ministry and the editor of Anglican Compass (also C4SO), issued a letter challenging the College of Bishop's instruction. The remainder is the fallout from it, which elevated the matter from an internal impasse to international row, most significantly Nigeria rebuking the ACNA. Ultimately, Nigeria and ACNA issued a joint statement.

In my opinion, the most important articles for the future of the ACNA are Canon Phil Ashey, Edgar Noble, Hans Boersma, Esther O'Reilly.

A Chronology of Links:

The initial series of statements:

  1. The Anglican Church in North America College of Bishops issue a statement on sexuality and Christian identity.
  2. Bishop Todd Hunter issues pastoral guidance to the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others
  3. A Diocese of Pittsburgh aspirant, along with other Pittsburgh, C4SO, and Trinity School for Ministry (an ACNA seminary) folk reply, with Bp Hunter's letter as inspiration. The letter originally appeared on Full list of signatories; non Google-Docs version.
  4. American Anglican Council issues statement
  5. Abp Beach's response for his diocese, the Diocese of the South
  6. Bishop Menees issues pastoral letter to the Diocese of San Joaquin, responding to DGA and C4SO
  7. Pieter Valk's rationale for taking down the letter at his Bishop's request
  8. Nigeria responds with threat to GAFCON, including Archbishop Beach's role in it.
  9. ACNA responds to the Church of Nigeria
  10. Joint Statement from Archbishop Foley Beach and Archbishop Henry Ndukuba

Further commentary and reaction in chronological order:

  1. TEC schadenfreude via Living Church
  2. Living Church (above) follows up on the Nigeria letter
  3. weighs in with the international political situation and GAFCON
  4. Rod Dreher covers its connection with American Culture1
  5. Bishop Julian Dobbs and Bishop Stewart Ruch discuss the drafting and formation of the College of Bishops document
  6. Yes to Gay Identity, No to Gay Sex? The Concept Shaking the Foundations of the ACNA
  7. The Archbishop of Canterbury on the Primate of Nigeria Archbishop of York joins in
  8. Hans Boersma on the situation
  9. Stephen Noll Part 1: A call to the GAFCON leadership / Part 2: Justin Welby Enters the Fray
  10. A Tempest Observed: Reflections on Sexuality and the ACNA, Esther O'Reilly
  11. Barely Protestant Interview - Video
  12. Fr Timothy Matkin addresses the theological issue of concupiscence - Video
  13. The Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church responds to the matter in his Address, pp 11-14
    (Additional links will be added to this page.)

Additional thoughts from The Lay Artiste, from the perspective of those who went through The Great Divorce from The Episcopal Church:
- Part I
- Part II
- Part III

There are other identity-related tensions in the ACNA.23 These, too, will be need to be resolved for the ACNA to hold together. For more: #Women's Ordination, #C4SO.

  1. in an unexpected meta-moment, Rod links to this page. 

  2. for example, this from a C4SO church:

  3. as this blog also illustrates 

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