James Schall's Unlikely List of Books to Keep Sane By

James V. Schall’s Unlikely List of Books to Keep Sane By:

  1. An Anthology by Joseph Pieper - amazon
  2. Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton - gutenberg
  3. Philosophy – An Introduction by J.M. Bochenski - amazon
  4. The Whimsical Christian by Dorthy Sayers - amazon
  5. A Guide for the Perplexed by E.F. Schumacher - amazon
  6. A General Theory of Authority by Yves Simon - amazon
  7. The Christian Universe by Eric Mascall - amazon
  8. The Habit of Being: The Letters of Flannery O’Connor by Flannery O’Connor - amazon
  9. Selected Essays by Hilaire Belloc - amazon
  10. The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis - archive.org
  11. Crossing the Threshold of Hope by John Paul II - amazon
  12. Back to Virtue by Peter Kreeft - amazon
  13. Homo Ludens by Johann Huizinga - amazon
  14. Conversations with Walker Percy - amazon
  15. The Seven Deadly Sins Today by Henry Fairlie - amazon
  16. The Road of Science and the Ways to God by Stanley Jaki - amazon
  17. Conversations with Eric Voegelin (out of print)
  18. Rational Man by Henry Veatch - amazon
  19. The Hungry Soul by Leon Kass - amazon

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