Towards the unity of the ACNA with Continuing Churches

This recent news is interesting:
We celebrate the work of our Ecumenical Task Force and thank God for our ecumenical partners. We have endorsed concordats with the Episcopal Missionary Church and with the Independent Catholic Philippine Church (also known as the Iglesia Catolica Filipina Independiente). These concordats will be presented for approval to the Provincial Council in June.
In June 2019, the EMC (Episcopal Missionary Church) and the ACNA (Anglican Church in North America) signed a Concordat of Full Communion. While the EMC remains a sovereign jurisdiction, this agreement will allow for easier cooperation and support between us (full recognition of orders, etc.), essentially solidifying our already longstanding relationship. This is a wonderful development in the life of the EMC as we look to the future, and we look forward to the fruit this will bear not only within the Anglican fold, but within the greater Body of Christ.

This is interesting because it means one could be in an autonomous (1928) continuing Anglican group, but remain in communion with ACNA.

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