The State of C4SO

I’m happy to announce that fellow @WheatonCollege faculty member Rev. Dr. Emily McGowin and I have been appointed as Canon Theologians for @C4SO in @The_ACNA.

— Esau McCaulley Ph.D (@esaumccaulley) November 9, 2019

Last week I was happy to celebrate a few Anglican ordinations and to be received as a priest in the diocese @C4SO. For non-anglicans for this is simply a transfer from one diocese to another because I relocated.

— Esau McCaulley Ph.D (@esaumccaulley) November 5, 2019

1. Esau Mccaulley

@esaumccaulley why did you delete this tweet?

— Christian Huls (@Christian_Huls) September 9, 2019

if you are genuinely curious about my beliefs you can refer to the various statements that I must sign to be a priest in good standing in my church, but I won't be policed on here. I have a bishop and numerous bosses with that authority. Peace.

— Esau McCaulley Ph.D (@esaumccaulley) September 8, 2019

"I have never been more encouraged by what God is doing to diversify the Province than right now. We need to look like the people we want to reach." The Rev. Dr. Esau McCaulley #DOMASynod2019 #AnglicanDOMA #anglican

— Mid-Atlantic Diocese (@AnglicanDOMA) November 16, 2019

2. Emily McGowin

If Women Can Be Saved, Then Women Can Be Priests

— Anglican Compass (previously Anglican Pastor) (@AnglicanCompass) September 26, 2019

3. AMEN, led by McCaulleyTelos, led by Bp Hunter in C4SO

White privilege also destroys me. It is built to keep me blind, ignorant, hard of heart, and feeling superior. @anglicanME @GoebelGreg

— The Telos Collective (@TelosCollective) October 22, 2018